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For wholesalers and large orders, please contact us to get the best offers.
For wholesalers and large orders, please contact us to get the best offers.


Special Set of NISHIGAKI Leaf Cutting Shears N-238 and Leather Holster N-238

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・NISHIGAKI Leaf Cutting Shears N-238



The Nishigaki Pro 200 series boasts top class lightness as a pruning shears.

It is a product that is widely loved by both general users and professionals.

Blades made of high-grade cutlery steel have excellent sharpness and durability, and give a feeling of use of springs.

It is a pair of scissors that meets all the elements required for sharpness and functionality, such as a stopper that can be stored.


  • The blade uses hard chrome plating that is resistant to tar and rust.
  • The cutting edge is mirror-finished to achieve a smooth sharpness with good bite.
  • It is difficult for sap to adhere and pruning work can be done smoothly.
  • The handle uses a lightweight aluminum handle.
  • Comes with a guard to help protect your hands and prevent them from falling.


Product number N-208
Full length 300mm
Blade length 150mm
Weight 270g


・NISHIGAKI 200 Leaf Cutting Shears N-238

  • It has a embossed finish that does not easily lose its shape.
  • It's waterproof acrylic.
  • Extra-thick thread and large rivets are used.

For NISHIGAKI Pro 200 Leaf Cutting Shears.


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