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Pleae note that our prices do NOT include VAT, customs duties, or import taxes for your country.
Pleae note that our prices do NOT include VAT, customs duties, or import taxes for your country.


SHINWA 79055 Circular Saw Guide L-Angle Plus Shift with Gradient Scale Cutting Function 1.2 m/shaku

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As a guide rule when making square or angular cuts with an electric circular saw.

As a guide rule when making cuts based on scribed angles from other materials.

For dimension measurements.


  • Square cuts and angular cuts can be shifted by moving the movable edge pin and changing the edge position.
  • Since the fixe d edge pin and movable edge pin are circular, they will not dig into the material even when pressed against it.
  • Features a slide/stop system which can slide easily and fix securely. Since the rubber stopper is usually floating, it is able to slide smoothly. When the handle is pressed, the rubber stopper moves down and closely adheres to the material, fixing it firmly.
  • Wide Hex Grip handle that can be held firmly is adopted
  • Features both shaku and metric graduations to come in handy for carpenters
  • Aluminum construction makes guide both light and sturdy. Features white graduations on a blue background
  • Non-slip rubber pad achieves high non-slip performance thanks to the use of the high-performance microcellular polymer sheet PORONR, which has a high-density, delicate and uniform cell structure
  • With groove for slider (sold separately, item code 78236) just slide it in the groove to prevent shifting during cutting
  • Stainless steel plate on guide edge



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