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Pleae note that our prices do NOT include VAT, customs duties, or import taxes for your country.
Pleae note that our prices do NOT include VAT, customs duties, or import taxes for your country.


SHINWA 71610 Laser ROBO X line-E Green

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  • Adoption of a cone mirror enables 360 degree irradiation with one light source. Greatly improves work efficiency since there is no need to rotate the main body.
  • 360 degree full line crosses the 90 degree line, forming ceiling marking/ground marking
  • Since the ground marking cross lines can be irradiated, can be used for inside corners from 10 mm*, and outside corners from 0 mm. *When protective caps on, the lasers have been removed.
  • Separating makes it easier to mark in lower positions, easier to carry, and further improves usability
  • All models feature a convenient fixed line mode for shining a line diagonally

  • Light source Visible semiconductor laser
  • Output 1mW or less (JIS class 2)
  • Wavelength 510nm-538nm
  • ± 1.5mm with indicated accuracy of 7.5m
  • Vertical point accuracy 3m ± 1mm
  • ± 0.03 ° with right angle accuracy of 90 °
  • ± 1.5mm with a centering accuracy of 7.5m
  • Line light width 5m is about 2mm (7.5m is about 3mm)
  • Automatic correction range ± 4 °
  • Warning when tilting The laser line blinks when the automatic correction range is exceeded (at intervals of about 1 second).
  • Rotation fine adjustment range 360 ??°
  • Braking method Sensor + motor method
  • Power supply 4 AA alkaline batteries or AC adapter
  • Continuous usable time [1 line] Approximately 10 hours [2 lines] Approximately 4 hours [3 lines] Approximately 2 hours
  • Battery consumption warning The power lamp blinks during use, the laser line blinks for about 8 seconds when the power is turned on (at intervals of about 0.5 seconds), and when the battery is exhausted, the automatic leveling stops and the laser line blinks at intervals of about 1 second.
  • Maximum reach approx. 35m (when using a receiver)
  • Dustproof / waterproof structure Protection class IP54 (when using batteries)
  • Tripod mounting screw 5/8 inch
  • Body size Height 213 mm x Width 127 mm x Depth 182 mm
  • Product mass (including batteries) Approximately 1600g
  • Accessories AC adapter, horizontal adjustment tripod adapter, aluminum case, 4 AA alkaline batteries

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