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Pleae note that our prices do NOT include VAT, customs duties, or import taxes for your country.
Pleae note that our prices do NOT include VAT, customs duties, or import taxes for your country.


Mokuba High-Speed Steel Slot Chisel Straight Type A-24

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  • With unprecedented thinness, it is easy to access gaps, and it is difficult to deform the iron plate when removing spot welds.
  • Made of high-speed steel, it has excellent abrasion resistance and impact resistance, and can be used for work with high-strength steel plates. Ideal for automobile sheet metal work.
  • High speed steel (high speed SKH-51 material) is used for the cutting edge. It is extremely hard with a heat treatment level of HRC60 or higher (usually chisel HRC57), and has excellent wear resistance and impact resistance, and exhibits sharp sharpness.
  • The unique thin double-edged blade makes it easy to insert, and the steel plate is less likely to deform during spot welding peeling, making it easy to drive into narrow gaps.
  • Can be used in narrow spaces due to the side blade. Since the distance from the hammer impact part to the blade part is close, the impact is transmitted directly and the cutting force is increased.
  • It is possible to re-grind the cutting edge with a grinder.


  • Automobile sheet metal work
  • Peeling work for spot welding
  • Cutting thin iron plate
  • Cutting rusted bolts
  • For repairing tiles and breaking blocks and bricks.
  • Chiseling work in narrow spaces of plumbing and electrical contractors


Part number Size (mm)
Blade width x total length
Weight (g)
A-24 Flat type 25 x 230 250

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