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Pleae note that our prices do NOT include VAT, customs duties, or import taxes for your country.


Makita Brushless Impact Driver 18V TD173DZ

by Makita
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Color: Blue

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A brushless impact driver powered by 18V Li-Ion battery.

360 degree ring-emitting LED light adopted.

Optimal balance & all-around slim head & comfortable operability are integrated.

Note: This product is a main unit only. A battery and charger are sold separately.


360 degree ring-emitting LED light

Dramatically improved visibility during work.

Approximately 2.5 times brighter (compared to our conventional 18V machine).

Illumination can be switched in 3 levels (strong/medium/weak).

Can be used as a work light

Can also be used as a simple lighting in "light mode".

Lighting time is about 1 hour.

Ease of use, even more extreme

Overall length 111 mm, weight 1.5 kg (with battery installed).

Compact and lightweight body with high power and maximum tightening torque of 180 N m.

The optimum mode can be selected from 4 Modes

1. Wood mode

Start tightening slowly with the trigger fully open, and then tighten at the fastest speed with automatic transmission.

2. Bolt fastening mode

Forward rotation/immediately fastest when the trigger is turned on.

Reverse rotation/automatic stop when the nut is loosened (reverse rotation auto stop).

3. Thin plate screw mode

After the screw penetrates, it automatically stops when an impact is detected.

4. Thick plate screw mode

Reduces screw head jumping and cam-out.


Maximum tightening
torque (N m)
Tightening capacity (mm)
Small screw Ordinary bolt High strength bolt Course thread
180 M4-M8 M5 to M16 M5 to M14 22 to 125


Rotation speed
(min-1) [rotation/min]

(min-1) [times/min]

Fastest 0 to 3,600 0 to 3,800
Strength 0 to 3,200 0 to 3,600
During 0 to 2,100 0 to 2,600
Weak 0 to 1,100 0 to 1,100
Wood 0 to 1,800 0 to 3,800
Bolt (for forward rotation) 0 to 3,600 0 to 3,800
For self-tightening screw (thin plate) 0 to 2,900 Stop immediately after the start of hitting
For self-tightening screw (thick plate) 0 to 3,600 0 to 2,600

Machine dimensions (mm)
(length x width x height)
Mass (kg)
(including battery)
Standard accessories
111 x 81 x 234 1.5
(with BL1860B installed)

Phillips bit 2-65


Amount of work per charge (approximate)/screw tightening *
Wood screw ø5.4 x 90mm

Wood screw ø4.3 x 65mm

Small screw
M8 x 16mm
About 550 About 960 Approximately 5,280

* Numerical values are reference values. It depends on the state of charge of the battery and working conditions.


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