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Pleae note that our prices do NOT include VAT, customs duties, or import taxes for your country.
Pleae note that our prices do NOT include VAT, customs duties, or import taxes for your country.


Fujitora(Tojiro) Cobalt Alloy Steel Interrupt Knife With Bolster Series Petty

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Length: 120mm

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Fujitora is a Japanese brand of kitchen knives, also known as Tojiro. Tojiro is a manufacturer of kitchen knives located in Niigata, Japan. The quality of Tojiro’s kitchen knives is recognized both in Japan and abroad.

The DP cobalt alloy steel interrupted knife with bolster is a series of interrupted kitchen knives  that are both sharp and easy to care for. They have the high standards of sharpness, durability, and rust resistance even as commercial knives, and are loved by all users of kitchen knives both in Japan and overseas.

The blade material of the knives in this series is cobalt alloy steel. The blade is manufactured under thorough quality control, thereby enhancing sharpness, durability, and rust resistance to a high standard for professional-use knives.

The joint between the blade and handle is fitted with a bolster that is hygienic and sturdy, preventing dirt from accumulating.

This knife is reccomended for handling small foodstuffs such as fruits and vegetables. With this knife, you can experience both ease and sharpness.


Blade material Cobalt alloy steel and 13 chrome stainless steel
Handle section  Laminated reinforced material
Blade shape Double edged for both right and left handed users

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