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For wholesalers and large orders, please contact us to get the best offers.
For wholesalers and large orders, please contact us to get the best offers.


33-Layer Steel Damascus Santoku Knife 180mm

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Damascus steel is generally known as a generic term for materials in which a pattern is artificially created by forging different metals such as steel and wrought iron. In the process of forging dissimilar metals, the metal structure is homogenized and impurities are reduced, resulting in a sword blade of extremely high precision. Especially in Japan, we are proud of the rare technique in the world about this forging. The 33-layer Damascus steel is not only beautiful, but also high-grade in terms of strength, durability, and sharpness.

The steel used for this knife is VG-10. It is a steel material with high toughness and tenacity, easy to process, and excellent forgeability. Knives made of VG-10 have excellent sharpness, corrosion and wear resistance, and are resistant to rust.

The handle of this knife is riveted caulking. One end of the shaft is flanged, and the other end is deformed by caulking to form a fastening structure. Once the rivet is caulked, semi-permanent strong fastening force can be obtained.

This is not the only strength of this knife. Since it is Japanese santoku knife, it can be used for various dishes such as fish, meat, and vegetables. Not only for professional use, but also at home, you can experience quality sharpness regardless of place. With this high status knife, your cooking time will become even more comfortable.



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